Slowing things down a little bit we have a brand new artist that will melt your indie heart strings. Jazzie Young, is an LA-based indie pop artist and the 26 year-old daughter of Jessie Colin Young, lead singer of The Youngbloods, known for their iconic 60’s anthem, “Get Together.”

She’s been writing music all of her life, but just started releasing her own material last year in 2019. As a side note, we don’t think it’s a coincidence that the daughter of one of the greatest peace anthems of all time began releasing music in one of the most tumultuous political times in modern history, go figure.

This new track is the second cut from her forthcoming debut EP. Jazzie wrote it by herself back in July, deep into quarantine blues. As someone who normally deals with depression and anxiety, she noticed how everyone else around her was suddenly dealing with the same thoughts and feelings she had on a regular basis. A lot of her friends who don’t usually struggle with mental health issues were finding themselves in new territory, and she wrote this track as a reminder to everyone that that they aren’t alone in the way they’re feeling. It was recorded in her father’s studio that he built in the 70’s.

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BAD CLVB - May 2021 - ATV Records, Miami