Photographer Ricardo Chavez and Colombian model Adriana Gomez teamed up for today’s exclusive NAKID feature editorial titled, ‘Más Es Más‘. The two met because of a friend in common, Francisco, who told Ricardo all about Adriana. She is also an entrepreneur and art curator running artlatinou.com, and thought they would create magic together since they both love the arts & fashion.

This story is about the start of one of Adriana’s day at her beautiful place before she gets ready for a run. They explored the contrast between luxury (often meant to be seen outside) and intimacy and it was shot in Mexico City. She thinks “more is more” (“más es más” in Spanish), and that can be seen in the styling they did together. Adriana is stunning and her looks are unique, adding to the dynamic story.

A little about Ricardo Chavez. He is a Mexican fashion photographer with interest in landscape, born in Monterrey, Mexico in 1990. He grew up spending his childhood in Monterrey, Mexico City and Barcelona, Spain where his inspiration was born. His photographic work is divided into three sections: Fashion and portrait, where plenty of his commercial work is focused, often doing collaborations with other artists and fashion designers. Art, where he photographs the work of painters, sculptors, architects, art galleries and auction houses for catalogs, exhibitions and publications. Landscape, his most personal approach to photography, is his passion.

If you love this visual story then show them some love, this is just a glimpse of the amazing stuff they have created – head over to their Instagram below to check out more from this awesome artist and support their creativity and your daily inspiration by following them!

Check out more of Ricardo Chavez and their work here:  INSTAGRAM

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