After gaining massive support from press and her following with the debut single, Victory Brooks is back bigger and louder with the ultimate heartbreaker anthem ‘Blind to Love’, that dropped November 4th. Victory Brooks is a singer songwriter based in Los Angeles. Originally discovered as a rock guitar virtuoso, she progressed into a versatile singer-songwriter known for her hauntingly catchy melodies and smooth dreamy vocal tone. Taking a wide range of influences, Victory Brooks has developed her strong brand of pop music recognizable both inside and outside the industry.

For ‘Blind to Love’ Victory reached back to her homeland teaming up with a Russian superstar engineer duo Creamy, whose works appeared on the ‘Apple Music Top 10: Russia’ chart multiple times in 2020. Co-written and produced by Drew Louis, ‘Blind to Love’ is a vibrant pop smash at its finest. Empowering and energizing, ‘Blind to Love’ is for anyone out there who doesn’t need the other half to be whole.

Punchy 808s, provocative statements and an empowering message make ‘Blind To Love’ the ultimate anthem of a heartbreaker. Victory sings about rejecting love and commitment after numerous mind games involved in the past, providing an anthem to anyone out there who doesn’t need the other half to be whole. ‘Blind to Love’ complements her previous more intimate music, sharing the changes within Victory’s life and personality with a listener.

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BAD CLVB - May 2021 - ATV Records, Miami