Noisy Pots is pleased to present a fresh new single with special guest Tanita Yankova. The track “Khan” is the band’s 6th release in 2020. It’s something which you wouldn’t expect from a band focusing primarily on the sounds of pots, cans, buckets and rich melodic synths. The track is a combination of stepping out of their comfort zone by making a purely electronic tune, and Tanita’s bittersweet voice influenced by Bulgarian roots. The contrast of modern sound and visuals with mythic motives, inspired by Bulgarian history, is tangible on this track. The word “khan” or “chan” in Bulgarian means monarch. The nameless duke mentioned in Tanita’s rap is evoking a clash between two warriors by seducing them to a desirable result.

Noisy Pots is composed of Michal Supak and Jakub Tengler. The duo come from classical and jazz education backgrounds, but have focused on electronic music production in recent years. Noisy Pots has played in major Czech festivals, and performed in clubs and festivals in the UK, France, Germany, The Netherlands, South Korea, Romania, Switzerland and other countries.

Tanita Yankova is a young composer, singer-songwriter and pianist, focusing mostly on scenic music for theaters. Tanita also performs in a duet with pianist Ahmad Hedar, focusing on Bulgarian and Arabic folklore music.

The music video is directed in tandem by Oliver Beaujard and Nina Zardalishvili of Bao-bab Studios.

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