Twenty-year old Santa Barbara native, producer, singer, songwriter and beat maker Bloody White returns with his newest single I’m Busy, a lush, LoFi, future bass track focusing on the struggles of the vacuous vanity that is the modern dating scene. The musical multi-hyphenate uses complementary distortion and vinyl fx to add an extra tinge of nostalgia to the already anthemic chorus as he melodically broods on the topic of getting curved.

I’m Busy” was recorded in the DIY artist’s bedroom that he grew up in as a child, using nothing but his laptop and midi keyboard. At the time this song was written, bloody white was feeling distressed – he felt like he was being ignored by his significant other, and would only hear from her when she needed something.

“Said you’d never tell me lies / You and all your plastic nights / Told you even roses die / Told you even roses die” – lyrics from bloody white’s “i’m busy”

All the music you’ve heard thus far from his debut EP you’d walk right over me was created during his formative years, and this new single reflects nicely on where he’s taking his sound stylistically.

At the end of October, bloody white released 12am, the lead single from his forthcoming sophomore EP, some reflections. Since its release, the single has been featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds, Fresh Finds Pop and Fresh Finds Indie. Both singles “12am” and “I’m Busy” will appear on bloody white’s some reflections. On this EP, bloody white continues to remain true to his genre-less roots, challenging listeners as both new and old fans continue along the ride of the unprecedented twists and turns that make his sound so unique. It makes sense that he simply cannot be pigeonholed into one musical genre when the artist’s greatest musical influences start with Kendrick Lamar, Skrillex, Jon Bellion, Daft Punk and XXXTentacion to name a few.

As the year comes to an end, we take time to reflect on the lessons we’ve learned, as well as acknowledge the mistakes and missteps that occurred along the way. With this in mind, the release of “I’m Busy” sets the tone for bloody white’s forthcoming EP, appropriately titled some reflections, giving us an even deeper look into the mysterious persona of bloody white. some reflections will be released December 2nd.

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