Your favorite 80’s revivalist artist is back, Katie Wood! Back with another slamdunk of a release, the British artist unveils the new visuals for “Where Have You Been?“. Depicting feelings of being infatuated with someone and not knowing how to deal with those emotions, the track drips with cool, effortless vocals, fuzzed-out bass and echoes of 80’s instrumentation.

British singer/songwriter Katie Wood is known for her flamboyant charm and eccentric aura which flows deep within her veins. Her music dances intuitively between decades, with the artist blending her love for both past and present to create something that defies categorisation.

Wood’s latest single “Where Have You Been?” depicts feelings of being infatuated with someone and not knowing how to deal with those emotions. The polarity between wanting to commit to someone but feeling as though giving into that is a sign of weakness. Wood confides, “It’s hard to admit sometimes when you’re in love for whatever reason… it can make you feel uneasy. I feel as though it’s tempting to romanticise a situation or idolise someone and the song represents that moment you realise that is what you’re doing, it’s like a daydream.”

Inspired by dark wave and post punk bands, including The Cure, Cocteau Twins, and Drab Majesty, Wood’s intention for “Where Have You Been?” was to hint at her forseed venture into this era. The track drips with cool, effortless vocals, fuzzed-out bass and echoes of 80’s instrumentation. Wood shares, “I think there is something inexplicably compelling about things that feel darker by their nature and I wanted to play on this element visually and sonically. Hence why the outro has me cackling like a witch in the vocals, I had fun while creating this song and wanted to show it.”

Wood’s music is immersed in emotion, using writing as a form of escapism and expression. The musician shares, “All of my music has a kind of sarcastic charm to it, even though I mainly write about my own life experiences I don’t actually take myself ALL that seriously and it’s part of who I am – to use humour alongside somewhat depressing and solemn subjects.”

Having garnered acclaim from the likes of Billboard, Paper Magazine, The Line of Best Fit, DIY MagNylon, MTV and the BBC, Wood hopes that her music will continue to enable others to feel powerful and like they’re not alone in this world.

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