Heath240 is the rapping by-product of the working city of Boston, Massachusetts, and the highs and lows of his past. He combines Hip Hop/R&B with Bedroom-Pop, then juxtaposes a light-hearted delivery with darker lyrics. His distinct sound, unwavering energy, and versatile flow poise him as one of the most promising up-and-comers in the music industry.

Heath spent most of his time growing up in Jamaica Plain, MA. His name, Heath240, was created from his address, 240 Heath St., where he spent most of his time. “As a kid I often felt too black for the white kids but too white for the black kids” says Heath. He was first introduced to Hip Hop through his dad playing the “Carter III” between basketball practices. This ignited his curiosity and exploration for the genre.  He faced adversity at a young age when both his mentor and friend passed away. To get a fresh start, he transferred to a new school in the suburbs but was riddled with depression and anxiety. These feelings weighed heavily on him and he relied heavily on music for relief. It was during these times he realized that rapping was what he wanted to dedicate his life to because he wanted to help people like himself become more positive and self-confident.

Despite his young career as an artist, Heath has already garnered positive reviews from Sleeping on Gems, Graduation Music, Sleepless Boston, The Museum TV, and a variety of local publications as well as snagging a nomination from the Boston Music Awards. In addition, he has had the opportunity to share the stage with national artists such as Quando Rondo and Nessly. His first LP, “The Hometown Hero” showcased the potential he has to craft eloquent expressions of self-identity and musical appreciation. The lead singles “Pollen” and “Attention” were featured on numerous playlists and have currently streamed over 96,000 and 137,000 plays respectively. Now with an established fan base, Heath can only go up from here.

His new single “Chirp” featuring Daniel Price comes with a music video and is the strongest way possible for the rising Boston-based-emcee to end his 2020.

“Chirp is me reimaging my surroundings and getting away from Boston. Leaving the people who talk about you from your small town and getting lost/immersed in the big city!” – Heath240

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