LEViT∆TE‘s debut audiovisual album ‘Legacy’ is finally here. Featuring ten tracks, each accompanied by a CGI/render visual counterpart detailing the LP’s dynamic story (all created by LEViT∆TE), Legacy is the long-awaited debut from one of electronic music’s brightest stars. A sonic display of cutting-edge sound design, Legacy fuses experimental bass, glitch-hop, and ambient textures into one compelling package. In tandem with the LP release, LEViT∆TE teamed up with Alpha Motif for a full merch line under the name Mesics Laboratories, which can be found here: (website by LEViT∆TE). The importance of the interactive, video game-esque website lies in further world building around Legacy, and creating merchandise reflective of the album’s lore.

Legacy follows the journey of Mesics, Max, and Percy the protector. Prior to the fall of modern society, Mesics found himself as chemical and mechanical engineer for the military, designing weapons. Now, 30 years into the future, a ferrofluid substance called “The Harbinger” has crippled humanity, and it’s Mesics responsibility to travel far away from greater civilization to eradicate The Harbinger from humanity. Alongside his grandson Max and his lab created android Percy, Legacy is the audiovisual story by LEViT∆TE.

A pioneer in his class, LEViT∆TE is revered for his ability to dissolve genre barriers existing within modern music. His debut LP is a powerful testament to just that, with album track one setting the precedent immediately. “96” ft. Kody Ryan is a stirring, emotive track with soft vocals juxtaposing against foreboding soundscapes. A treat for what is yet to come, “96” is the beginning of LEViT∆TE’s journey through Legacy. Textural bass and wicked vocal musings in “Among Trees” elicit an impeding sense of dread, and finds its way into “Protectors Story.” Reverberating 808s keep time as dynamic bass and percussive work flicker behind mysterious lyrical musings. The visual depiction of “Protectors Story” sees the creation of Percy by Mesics. The tracks counterpart, “Protectors Story pt.2” is LEViT∆TE at his best: highly visceral, and ripe with efficient bass.

Bridging together the pieces of Legacy’s story is mid-album interlude “To The Core.” Though somber upon its inauguration, “To The Core” quickly whirrs into a dooming rapture, leading into the next chapter of LEViT∆TE’s story, “Psychosis.” A neurotic track delving deep into the psyche, “Psychosis” is a five minute exploration of darkness highlighting Mesic’s descent into madness as he forges an antidote to dissolve The Harbinger. Traversing farther into the abyss of Legacy brings “Harbinger,” burgeoning with frenetic drum & bass. Though chaotic, the track is elegant in sound design: fluttering beats whisk between ears in this animalistic track, as Legacy’s story launches into the depths of hell.

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