Los Angeles electro-pop duo Able Machines burst onto the music scene last year when they debuted their first single “Secrets and Lies”. Now they’re back with their third single “Narcissist” on December 11th — an intense electronic pop banger. able machines consists of songwriter/producer Linus Dotson (p/k/a Linus Of Hollywood — who’s worked with everyone from Diddy to Smashing Pumpkins to 5 Seconds Of Summer) and singer/songwriter/actress Tay Côlieé. The duo tauntingly toys with the boundaries of pop music, often coupling their catchy melodic music with dark lyrical imagery while self-producing their own visual content. “‘Narcissist is about that person we all know — the world only revolves around them and they have no concept of how the chaos they create affects everyone they come in contact with” explains Linus. “It seems like something we’re experiencing more of in 2020.” The single was mixed by Seth Earnest (Tessa Violet) and mastered by Chris Gehringer (Halsey, Lana Del Rey, Lizzo). The duo plans to release an album next year and gear up for for their first live shows in the summer.

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