Photographer JF Julian and Hungarian model SZAFFI teamed up for today’s exclusive NAKID  feature editorial titled, ‘Firefly #33‘, shot at the Gellért Hotel which inspired the GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL film. In the overall series of work you meet some strong personalities and fierce individuals, who JF Julian met in various cities across the world such as Paris, Taipei, Berlin, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, London, New York, Las Vegas and more. The project is now a curated into a full photographic show which has been shown in Paris, France to Starnberg, Germany, and hopefully soon in the U.S.

Accompanying the series is an essay freely inspired by the Firefly Project written by Julian’s dear friend, Christophe Jarreau.

‘FIREFLY’ – by Christophe Jarreau

The door closes on the permanent light of the corridor and the eye of the camera.

Then the model undresses.


The monitoring stops, Where stumbles the light diodes.

The megacities, without sleep nor insomnia, mechanically dispenses the tickets, the refreshments and the company.

At any time, when the night does not belong any more, a magnetic card allows the retreat from the continuous white of the day.

One hotel room after the other.


The conditions of the engagement are addressed: the rate, the location, the timing, the duration, the staging ideas, the accessories.

Sexual abstinence is explicite.


Nor fear, no duress, it is only about taking photos of naked women, most often discovered and contacted on internet, where they freely exhibit themselves.

The web grid retains in its threads their algorithmic luminescence. Under the electric stars, seeking weightlessness and of a suspended moment, they deploy motionless



Running the risk of believing themselves eternal, they shamelessly gamble on their apparent lightness. Ephemeral virtuosity without calculation, which inspires and



The misused practice of desire are open to the fantasy of JF Julian and his model. The agreement is made on an erotic occupation of the room and of the possibility to create images of their taste.


The ”clair-obscur” calls for indulgence and abandonment.

Behind the drawn curtains, left on their own, they create the conditions of an artificial night. Without witnesses nor spectators, They are seeking into mannerist compositions the possibility of indecent an idle beauty.


The poetic isolation transgresses the law of utility and sex given ordinarily as performance. Erotism recognises fragility and time loss.

The photos are showing something, but it’s quite another story that took place. Fever and excitement may be gone. Remains the disorders of intimacy that the housekeeping will erase.


A collection of souvenirs with a disguised intensity.

Move away to remember.

Allow the melancolia.

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