The alternative pop rock song, titled Not Waiting, was originally written as a ballad. Finding herself at an emotional crossroads, Keegan wrote the song as an exercise in psyching herself up to lay her heart on the line and get some answers, once and for all. Once producer, Daniel Tsourounis, got involved, however, the track took an unexpected turn – which they both agree, was for the better.

They recorded and produced the song during quarantine and the video was shot shortly after phase three opened up, here in Toronto. In an effort to keep the crew small, Keegan took on the roles of hair, makeup, costume, and set design, not to mention fog wafter. Despite the small cast and crew, they wrapped with 15 minutes to spare, having shot more than enough footage to satisfy director, Daniel Duguay and editor, Corey Stanton.

When forced to choose between continuing with Irish dance or private vocal lessons, 10 year old Keegan Chambers chose the latter. She continued entering competitions and traveling with the York Region Children’s Chorus until age 14, when after-school activities were replaced with part-time jobs and the study of languages. After graduating from Wilfrid Laurier University, Keegan’s return to music was sparked by a sudden desire to write. As her notebook filled with lyrics, her voice memos filled with melodies, and after collaborating with instrument-playing friends, she watched her songs come to life.

Since then, Keegan has worked to release her music – slowly but surely. In 2019, she debuted her first single; a bluesy jam track called “Loving You”, along with a self-directed music video, followed by a acoustic EP titled: Live Off The Floor. Pre-covid, she was packing iconic Toronto venues, playing many of the indie alternative rock songs she’s been recording in quarantine. As phase three opened up in the city, she jumped on the opportunity to shoot a music video for one of those very songs. The single, “Not Waiting”, is set to be released with a follow up EP – the production style of which Chambers’ says is a truer reflection of her sound moving forward.

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