“Music saved my life. It gave me a voice when I couldn’t find one. It gave me a friend when I felt alone. It gave me purpose when I felt like I had nothing. And it gave me an outlet to express how I really feel.”

Boaty Blanco is one of the most intriguing hip hop acts on the east coast. Starting his journey in Hazleton, Pennsylvania Boaty took to chaos at a young age. After seeing his family suffer at his own expense and almost losing his life to drug addiction he decided to find a new escape, music. Blanco released his 1st project titled CHAOS in October of 2018 and a boat-load of singles since. His message is clear, his raps are sincere, the music saved his life.

This song means more to me than any song I’ve ever made before. I made this in memory of my best friend Frank who lost his battle with drug addiction 3 years ago. When I wrote this song I had Frank on my mind .. now that’s it’s here I have so many different emotions. This song is for anyone who’s ever been affected by addiction. All the families – friends – and addicts themselves .. this one’s for you.

Just a few years back I was in those shoes .. shit I still am .. I’ve been addicted to drugs – I’ve watched family members get hooked – and I lost some of my closest friends to this monster. I put this out there to show the world it is possible .. if I can do it anyone can. I went from shooting heroin in Walmart bathrooms to making music that changes lives, music that will live on forever.

In loving memory of Frank “Connor” Cundro

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