The new music video from the Los Angeles native!

The events of this year threw most of us into rapid transformations. For some, that included being locked in with a toxic relationship. BIIANCO’s forthcoming single ‘Teeth Bared’ is a fiery sprint away from the relationship she found herself tangled in this year. Entirely written and produced by BIIANCO in 48 hours, ‘Teeth Bared’ comes out on Jan 8th.

BIIANCO says of the video: “A lot of people say when you die, your life flashes before your eyes. Well, this video is about a relationship flashing before the couple’s eyes in its final moments…and there’s one particular dance sequence that becomes the couple’s trademark. When they do those movements with each other they are speaking a language only their relationship can understand. And they keep leaning on it to pull the other back in — like they’re on a loop.”

No doubt 2020 has indeed felt like an endless loop, yet BIIANCO remained on a steady roll: in the past year, she has produced and collaborated with a myriad of well-known artists including TRACE, Jax Anderson, Chong The Nomad, Cassie Marin and more. ‘Put You In The Kitchen’ received airplay on KEXP (Seattle) and KCRW (LA). BIIANCO’s club/dance set, that would have been introduced live prior to COVID, ended up being played on Diplo’s Revolution station on SiriusXM. She also performed for Moonrise Events streaming festival this year, as well as KORG’s IG Takeover Mini-Session. Hoping to return to touring in Europe when this all ends, BIIANCO has an album set for release in 2021.

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