Directors Faye Tsakas and Nora DeLigter shot this new short film for today’s exclusive NAKID feature editorial titled, ‘Safe & Well’. Shot on 16mm film, the film is a satirical examination of the language of wellness set within the context of our “stay at home” confinement. The film invites the viewer to follow along on a seemingly familiar and mundane exercise journey that swiftly devolves into a more paranoid and anxious reflection of the present moment. Against the backdrop of the pandemic, the wellness industry has honed in on its target: a captive and privileged audience, seeking connection, control and good health. Desperate for routine and normalcy, ritualistic acts of virtual exercise provide comfort and protection at a moment of precariousness and uncertainty. Instructors offer strength and the promise of “finding a higher self” more intimately than ever before – their words no longer muffled by surround sound or the panting of strangers. Instead, these mantras permeate the private space, leaving consumers alone with this repetitive messaging, forced to actively listen.

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