Photographer Tim Kasper and model Xin Yu & Eve Gabriel teamed up for today’s exclusive NAKID feature editorial titled, ‘Floating Dreams‘.

A turquoise gleaming lake stretches out before us, mountains on either side envelope the sacredy of the water – We’ve arrived and our lucid dream begins. It’s mid-November in Catalonia and the fight against the global pandemic continues. Bars, restaurants, theaters and cinemas all remain shut. 10pm curfew is in place and people across the country are spending more time than ever at home. As we scramble through this pandemic reality, a dream is formed and shared amongst all of us across the globe. A dream of escapism, freedom of movement, open space, untouched nature and an intoxicating feeling of tranquility.

From two opposite ends of the world and with such contrasting appearances; Xin (originally from China) and Eve (from Ireland) represent the fantasy that is tying us to one another during this unpredictable time. Xin and Eve are seen here physically together in this shared dream – the walls of their bedroom have turned into the surrounding landscape and their bed has drifted out onto the glistening lake. Together they paddle further into the water, and as they lie in stillness and drift across the lake, they become further from our realities and deeper into our dreams. Untouched by the dangers of the pandemic and unrestricted by the measurements of lockdowns – Xin and Eve are free. This shoot represents hope for the future – a future where we can all move freely and safely, interacting and connecting physically to other humans again.

Kasper’s work can be divided into two main categories: commercial and artistic. However, in most cases they blend into unique creations that deliver their message in a convincing and entertaining way. Kasper’s quality standard is that “it doesn’t look shit and it isn’t boring” describing the importance of visual appeal as well as the ability to excite. In his commercial work, Kasper continuously searches for fresh approaches to showcase his clients products. In his art works he often uses provocative imagery to criticize many of today’s issues especially in the areas of consumerism and animal welfare.

Tim Kasper was born in Cologne, Germany where he spent the first 20 years of his life. After studying in Boston for four years he moved back to Europe where he started working in the fields of film making and photography mostly between Amsterdam and Los Angeles.

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