Photographer Olive Santaoloria and model Vyolet Androsacce teamed up for today’s exclusive NAKID feature editorial titled, ‘Eve’s Apple‘. The shoot is inspired by Magritte’s work, but wanted to revisit eve’s apple theory with femininity. Olive Santaoloria, born in 1973, is a French photographer, living and working in Paris. The self-taught artist’s work encompasses photography and graphic design and includes themes such as the man, the woman and the couple. Santaoloria spent his childhood in the southwest of France, amongst the grape vines in Garonne. From a very young age, he used photography, music and writing to express his emotions. Photography naturally became a part his life when he got his first reflex camera at the age of 18. He taught himself his passion and launched his professional career in 2008.

Santaoloria’s artistic work contains aesthetics found in drawing and painting, and is halfway between photography and graphic design. Through the long exposures, sharp contrasts and blurred images, the artist creates his own signature style. He is fond of the trompe-l’œil aesthetic and he plays with the audience’s perception, stimulating their imagination through the abstraction of certain images. His series Leviathan is composed of deformed bodies and seeks to reveal the ignominy of the human soul. Santaoloria uses water to create harmony between the model, light and the water’s movement. In this way, the artist produces photographs that are unpredictable and unique.

The unique aesthetic of Santaoloria’s work has led to quick and continuous success. Since 2013, he has been exhibiting his work regularly in France as well as abroad. In addition, the artist has been published in art and design magazines worldwide.

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