Lauren Rocket is a true blue native of Los Angeles who has paid her dues, first in the power-pop band Rocket, and eventually branching out to join the likes of Junkie XL, The Living Things and most recently, Night Terrors of 1927. A lifelong musician, she has turned her childhood passion into a thriving performing and songwriting career, specifically known for sparkly, authentically heartfelt and anthemic Cosmic Pop.

The singer-songwriter’s new single — A cover of the monumental Russian pop duo T.A.T.U.’s “All The Things She Said” — is a melancholic and epically large sounding take on the track; laced with chainsawesque synths, undeniably aurally pleasurable instrumentals and vulnerable, yet robotic, glittery vocals. This song is sure to make anyone want to get up and dance – or drive through the Hollywood Hills on a dark night of the soul. The song is her First single of 2021, since releasing on her her first full length record, Skygirl, in August of 2020.

Lauren states, “This song, “All The Things She Said” really made an impact on me in my formative years, and has always stuck with me. I think it’s one of the most brilliant pop songs ever written, and I’ve always dreamt of covering it and making it my own. It’s interesting to me that in 2002 when this song was released, the topic of same sex relationships was still considered taboo! And that was only about 20 years ago! It’s amazing to see the progress of acceptance in such a short amount of time, and I do believe this is a song that needs to be heard with a new perspective in our current and more progressive climate.

“The Video which I co directed with Linus Dotson, was so much fun to make. I wanted the visual to be viscerally emotive, dark, melancholic and cinematic. The video features myself and the amazingly talented dancer Elaine Irene Starr, who really added a creepy yet beautiful element to the piece.”

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