Casio‘ by J!mmy is a sweet and sour love odyssey through a dreamscape in the artist’s mind. The journey evolves around the feeling of being in love and dreaming away entire days while holding onto any hope of mutual affection. Dreamy transitions lead from scene to scene, disorienting while guiding lyrically through a loss of time and space. J!MMY releases his album ‘Hopeless Romantic‘ which he dedicates to what he refers to as ’the lover’s paradox’. The Jersey native expresses the conflict between his inner hopeless romantic and millennial Casanova in a soulful and lush way. By that, it is a story of triumph and true love overcoming all, complemented with tales of deception and betrayal, sometimes self-inflicted. It is this raw emotion and brutal honesty that endears listeners to J!MMY’s records.

Alyssa Trawkina is a Ukrainian-born director and producer based between Berlin and New York. Her work exhibits a conceptual approach for creating sensual audio-visual atmospheres. Fusing her former accolades as a media technologist, digital strategist, and art director with a passion for expressing music through moving image, Trawkina curates narratives with visual intentionality and humor. Her films are playful and delicately crafted, and throughout them all is a shared advocacy for nonlinearity and twisting stereotypes.

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