Known for finding inspiration in the shadows, singer-songwriter Notelle turns her emotions and words into something raw and frighteningly powerful. The Nashville local kicks off 2021 with a fiery passion in her first single of the new year, “Doctor Sign” — released on Friday, February 26th, 2021.

Highly influenced by dark industrial producers Trent Reznor, Au5, and Flume, Notelle’s newest single, “Doctor Sign” further establishes her uniquely “nightmare pop” brand. The track showcases boundary-pushing vocal production, pairing a dry and distorted lead with almost Gregorian-esque harmonic layers. A heavy synth bassline drives underneath the poetic but descriptive lyricism the audience has come to expect from Notelle’s haunted catalog. 

When writing ‘Doctor Sign’, I really gave myself permission to lean into some unattractive emotions,” says Notelle. “I had a lot of anger towards someone who really took advantage of my kindness and natural vulnerability. I felt vindictive after that, and that’s not a particularly good color on me. I didn’t want to act on those feelings, so instead, I threw them in a song. I figured I could save myself the headache and skip out on all the repercussions of getting revenge. To me, this song is about watching someone cruel get their comeuppance. It’s out of character for me to feel satisfaction in watching someone reap what they sow, but in this particular situation…I didn’t mind it. I just pictured them letting their cruelty, and their actions, rot them from the inside out. Pictured them losing their mind because they can’t stand to be alone with themselves, and that was fine with me. Some people are their own punishment, so I can keep my hands clean and just throw my ill-wishes into a song. It’s therapeutic and it’s not my problem anymore.

As a featured vocalist and topliner since 2014, Notelle has landed 40+ cuts with DJs and producers around the globe, and accumulated over 23+ million streams on Spotify alone as both a writer and a vocalist. Her work has been signed repeatedly to over 15 labels, including Warner, Ultra, Sony, and Armada, with extensive coverage on Spotify and Apple Music Editorials, Siruis XM, and local radio.  With a chart-topping Splice vocal pack, “Notelle Presents Nocturnal”, and her first sync placement in the 2021 Nationwide Lexus iO Campaign, all while remaining independent, Notelle is now exploring her own version of “dark industrial pop” and solo artistry. 

Recognized by The Nashville Scene and Tuned Up Music as a “Nashville Artist To Watch”, while being called a “genuine, revelatory breath of fresh air” by No Country For New Nashville, Notelle is quickly making a name for herself in the noisy, over-saturated, Nashville Pop world. Her debut solo single, “Power”, premiered on the local radio station – Lightning 100’s The 615, while her third single “Out Of Love” was selected as a DJ pick and included in regular rotation. Her following release, “Beyond The Grave”, hit Spotify’s “Fresh Finds”, “Fresh Finds: Pop” and “Study Break” in under a month, while her 2020 single, “Bugs”, hit Spotify’s “Fresh Finds: Poptronix”  in the first two weeks.

With a plan to release 11 songs this year, Notelle kicks off with her next single “Doctor Sign”. Dropping Feb 26th, this track embraces her background in heavy electronic music and fuses it with her poetic lyricism. Highly influenced by exploratory producers like Flume, Trent Reznor, and Au5, “Doctor Sign” further establishes Notelle’s brand of genre-breaking “nightmare pop”. Unlike anything coming out of Nashville’s pop scene, Notelle’s fearless desire to push stylistic boundaries and avoid standard structure is producing a stranger yet more unique body of work from this “must watch” new artist.

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