Releasing Their First EP "Félins Pour l'Autre"

After  three singles over the last few years, Soleil Bleu is releasing its first EP “Félins Pour l’Autre” with six exclusive tracks written, composed and performed by Lou Lesage (singer-songwriter) and Arthur Jacquin (singer-songwriter and arranger). Taking as a starting point old demos composed and arranged in Arthur’s room, Soleil Bleu work with Maxime Kosinetz (member of Bon Voyage Organisation) to record and mix the tracks in the studio, with the help of Florian Gouello (drums), Maxime Daoud (bass), and with the participation of Ulysse Cottin (from the band Papooz), who has been following the project  since the beginning.

Far from distorting the original demos, this time in the studio has helped to sublimate Lou & Arthur’s compositions by bringing a new dimension to the arrangements. The alchemy between Maxime Kosinetz and Soleil Bleu quickly worked, and the result is a fresco of little stories, paintings, feelings that takes shape through a bewitching and sensually pop French song with light electro accents.


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