New York City’s Bulgarian born, powerhouse singer-songwriter, Ruth Koleva has a women’s anthem that may leave the men a little “salty” this month.  Released in March, Women’s Month, the new single, Salty, is not just a celebration of women, but of female empowerment, body positivity and trans/queer inclusion.  Following her previous hits, All The Guys, Candy Coated, Life Of The Party, and On My Way, Salty, is the fifth single of which Ruth has dedicated to women and the LGBTQ+ community.

“To me, ‘Salty’ is a personal declaration of independence,” says Ruth.  It is my way of saying ‘I am enough.’ It’s aboutself-love and confidence, which as women we need to embrace more.  That’s the reason why I am putting this out in the month of March.”  

“Ruth is one of those visionary artists who unmistakably feels the pulse of society and is not afraid to take a stand on topics that are often misunderstood. For us at GLAS foundation working towards acceptance and equality for LGBTI people in Bulgaria, it is important to speak through the various languages of art and music, which brings people together and make our differences disappear. The video for Salty is extremely important for the trans presentation in the country, where trans people are seen as a threat and don’t feel comfortable to open up about their gender. But Salty speaks also about the equality and dignity of being a woman, even if you were not born with that gender.” – GLAS Foundation

The Salty musician pairs lusty lyrics with an intoxicating beat, blending soul, R&B, pop and electronic influences. Defying all musical genre barriers yet again, Ruth utilizes the universal language of music to bring people together – championing inclusivity at its core.


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