Growing up in the Greater Los Angeles Area, Latin Hip Hop Artist Jonni Apollo started off as a drummer at the age of 12. Ages 14-19 he was in and out of bands, but also writing lyrics at the age of 14. Intrigued by the wordplay, metaphors, and competitiveness Jonni knew he found home. Now he is everywhere on Google, has Broken 700,000 Streams in 10 months, 58,000+ views, and sooo many followers and fans. From having to put the mic down for some time to coming back out to say goodbye, and Music really said hello. A Latin Hip Hop Artist with Greek Mythology Beliefs, hailing out of Santa Clarita, Ca. 16 years creating music, from drumming, to songwriting, singing, rapping, composing, directing, everything has been done in one way or another. I live & breathe music, and my goal is to have such an Economical Impact with my music.

“Chains From Apollo – Anger, Depression, Lies, and Cheating, 2:45 song about my life.. I present to you my chains from apollo..” – Jonni Apollo

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