Illustrator and designer Salehin Nobi is obsessed with working as many mediums as humanly possible. ‘Greedy’ she calls it, but passion is more like it. Based in Toronto she sent us over this amazing new set of pieces she’s been working on for today’s exclusive NAKID feature editorial titled, ‘Consumption, Seduction, Longing‘.

“I don’t like working in the same style, I’m constantly switching things up, because I feel that the piece should dictate the style, and not the artist. Some pieces need a more detailed touch, some require bright colors, some are fine just as a loose sketch. However there is a certain theme that appears in my work quite frequently. I like to see it as the 3 stages of physical intimacy: the longing, the seduction, and the consumption.” Salehin

These are some of those pieces in that theme, all in various styles, some fully fledged, some are rough sketches, some are concepts that Salehin is going to paint on a larger scale.

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