Hip-Hop and Alt R&B Queen Toni Romiti‘s “My Fire” which functions as the singer’s artistic pregnancy reveal through her great powers of visual storytelling is out today and it’s down right musically seductive. In the enchanting video, there is a child, and she is a chosen prophet. The child is on a special mission to bring Toni a glowing, circular orb that will ultimately help reveal that she is having a baby girl. The video takes us through the beautifully cinematic journey of the child as she fulfills her purpose in delivering this very special message to Toni and her partner Jacoeb, who also plays himself in the video.

Toni sends this message out to the world in hopes that her baby will be encouraged to be a powerful and compassionate individual who is given the grace to ultimately be who she wants to be. With hundreds of millions of music streams, YouTube views, and celebrity admirers such as the Kardashians, Toni has proven herself nothing less than extraordinary in everything she does. Her hits include “Switch Up”, “Nothin on Me”, and “Imma Dog Too” and she also recently released her album “Don’t Talk To Boys” in October of 2020.

Toni had this to say on the release:

“As someone who has built my career on the internet, I have always been super open about things in my personal life. This pregnancy was something I wanted to keep for myself. I’m not a fan of unwanted opinions, and pregnancy can be pretty stressful to begin with. The more you share, the more people feel entitled to give their two cents. That’s not something I wanted to subject myself to while pregnant. Now that my baby is here and healthy, I’m proud to share with my Romiti Gang that I am someone’s mom now. The choice to be private couldn’t have gone any better. I knew that I wanted to do a cool video announcement, but I didn’t want it to be a stereotypical gender reveal. I feel like stereotypical gender reveals don’t offer a child the grace to just be themselves. I wanted to announce my pregnancy in a way that wasn’t imposing masculinity or femininity onto my child. That’s why I didn’t include the stereotypical pink or blue in this music video. It’s okay for girls to like blue, and it’s okay for boys to like pink. We decided to have the little girl in the video wear a tuxedo, to further make the point that a child does not need to be confined by typical gender norms. I wish I had seen more of that message when I was growing up, so I’m putting it out into the world now.” – Toni Romiti

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