Photographer Karim Tarakji went dark and deep for today’s exclusive NAKID feature editorial titled, ‘P_Layers‘. Tarakji takes on unique views in their photography projects, tryiong to find new points of view, and how to perceive nude works as a part of contemporary art and its relevance so that it is not just a superficial “calendar photo”. Whether there are still alternative possibilities on how to convey the shape and essence of the human body, they choose a path and march to its inspiration.

In this new editorial, Tarakji uses a line laser or a line projected on the subject by a projector, trying to record the natural lines of the body. The face is isolated from the photographs, because identity is not their essence, but just the flesh itself, the shape, its nature and recording of possible angles of view of the human body without the full vision of the body itself. With this apporach Tarakji slowly deconstructs the body and achieves a level of abstraction. Everything was shot on a Yashica FX-D on Fomapan 400.

Karim Tarakji is a student of the Time-Based Media Studio at the Department of Electronic Image of the Faculty of Art and Design at UJEP. In his work he deals with new media and their impact on contemporary society. With his work, he tries to cross the boundaries between new technologies and everyday life, and thus strives for their connection, understanding. In addition, he is interested in the very scientific nature of the latest technologies, which has not yet been exhausted. This is reflected in the creative essence of the works, which constantly brings new visual possibilities. Karim Tarakji has participated in many national and international exhibitions and competitions, in which he has won several important awards. Among the last ones we can mention the award in the category “Best school presentation” for the group work “Exposition KOSMOGONIE” within the international show “Designblok, Prague International Design Festival” in the autumn of 2018.

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