Artist Sorabella J sent us this spread as our ‘Artist To Watch’ this week for today’s exclusive NAKID feature editorial titled, ‘WHO’S THAT GIRL?‘.

Sorabella J currently lives and grew up in Maryland as one of seven children. At 8 years old, she began designing clothes (original inspiration being Jasmine from Aladdin) until the age of 23. Although her love for art began with fashion, painting is where she feels most free. As an artist, she is constantly challenging herself, seeking advice, and learning how to improve in all areas of life. Most artists know just being a creative is hard and can be an emotional rollercoaster. Although this artist is shy, stepping outside of her comfort zone is a big deal, both for her and her art. She is a firm believer that art should mean something; should provoke real thought and true emotions. This is what she strives for, even perfection, although that’s not real. It often takes time for her to create, because of her thought process. She’s not the artist that sees a blank canvas and just goes, no. She thinks, envisions, thinks again, edits, re-envision, sketches it out, then paints. In various ways, she’s meticulous about everything, from the strokes down to the colors used (if the colors represent the concept). Sorabella J’s art is conceptually based, and focuses on women empowerment and emotions, but is looking to switch up her style to more abstract based.

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