Starring Models 'Hailey Wert'& 'Kate Algoso'

Photographer Karli Adams and models Hailey Wert & Kate Algoso teamed up for today’s exclusive NAKID feature editorial titled, ‘Spaghetti Night‘.

Karli Adams also known as Karli Canna, and is currently living in Longmont, Colorado. Her body of work focuses on her passion for reframing the social stigma around cannabis use and the female body. What’s her general mission as a photographer? As she puts it, “To free women from the social constructs that have defined us for so long through modern art.”

Spaghetti Night” is an editorial set featuring Hailey Wert and Kait Algoso, who also executed creative direction and styling as a team. All clothing featured is from Witches Brew Vintage, a sustainable vintage brand owned by Hailey Wert in Colorado.

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