Singer, songwriter Sweetjane X is also a music teacher and business owner hailing from New Orleans. In this, her first time on NAKID, she drops her new single ‘Trust Fund Baby‘ that has the tempo to get you popping off and hooks to become a Summer anthem. The new single is off her upcoming album ‘Life On Venus‘. Their music is catchy and helms an alternative pop sound that pulls from a variety of influences and sounds; Life On Venus is a channel-changing ride that explores bubblegum pop, EDM, hip-hop, rock and even elements of hyper-pop. Accompanying her new single is another single, ‘Sketches’ (feat. Captain Reinier Sijpkens), which is another side of their music that compliments the other. The two singles out right now exist on the extreme ends of their range of sound, both of which have a unique story to tell.

Life On Venus drops 6/4!


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