Today we have the new single and vibrant visuals from queer space pop artist Sean The Star Emperor. Entitled “Paradise” the track narrates how pre/post pandemic life has really dampened where and how we physically interact. Never-you-mind, as ‘Paradise’ suggests:  “Playtime” can still be had with little to no expense needed. …Fun is what we make of the conditions. ‘Paradise,’ was co-written by Sony/ATV songwriting duo YVR, who’s lead singer was a part of the Grammy nominated song, ‘Running With The Wolves,’ for Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media.

The song features a fun and dancey electronic sound with extravagant electro pop sounds, while tying into the underground Vogue scene.

In a world of genres and playlists, true originality is hard to come by. However, now and then an anomaly lands on planet earth and causes a ripple through the airwaves of the universe. Sean The Star Emperor is the embodiment of what happens when you take the status quo, do the complete opposite, then make a big song and dance about it, all the while destroying heteronormativity… Did we mention he is a monarch from another star system complete with magical powers?

If you love this music artist then show them some love, this is just a glimpse of the amazing stuff they create musically – head over to their links below to check out more from this badass music artist and support their creativity and your daily inspiration by following them!

Check out more of Sean The Star Emperor and their music here:  INSTAGRAM / TWITTER / FACEBOOK


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