La’Cole was born in New York City, at the age of six years old she moved to South Carolina where she grew up. Growing up singing in a church choir La’Cole wrote her first song in middle school. After graduating from high school, she attended Allen University in Columbia, SC where she majored in Psychology / Social Science. In 2011 La’Cole trans-located back to New York City where she started her career as a working Model and Actress ready to take on the world. Since then she has been published in Magazines, Campaigns and numerous Music Videos for well-known artists. She subsequently felt the time was right to present her singer-songwriting skills to the industry, which has now led to her brand new single “Come Show Me” (You’re The One).

As multiple genres has moved away from the mainstream and the major label structure over the past decade, many artists have gone under-appreciated and overlooked in the process. Being an independent artist allows for the ultimate creative freedom, but doesn’t always allow for maximum exposure. As a result, many fans haven’t always been able to easily track down the good music and artists they’ve been yearning for. La’Cole is one of those independent artists who hopefully won’t go under-appreciated.

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