World Premiere

Today, UK’s The Sanctuary releases his fourth song “hold on” after having self-released “thinking about u”, “kora” and “gold”. With “hold on”, the rising London-based producer, composer and artist continues to take us on a journey of thoughtful electronic, uplifting sounds. There’s a lot more to reveal about The Sanctuary, but let’s take this one patient step at a time.

The Sanctuary is the moniker of a rising London-based producer, composer and artist. He self-released “kora” with a whirlwind, and at times sinister, momentum-filled video, which was shot over a 3 days stint just north of Toronto, CA by HUMYN (directors Simon Ahmadi and Ram Accoumeh). Late last year, he remixed Rina Sawayama’s “Bad Friend”and has had support from BBC Radio 1’s Jack Saunders as well.

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