Starring mode 'Tamarah van Capelleveen'

Director Lidewij Hartog and digital designer Marlon Van Der Pas debut their new short film/documentary featuring model Tamarah van Capelleveen tell a story of hope, adversity and perseverance in the face of religion and family to find her own voice in the world.  Lidewij Hartog, is a Dutch filmmaker, coming from a background in visual anthropology. Her fascination for people runs deep and it is combined with a passion for the water, thrill-seeking and urban culture. She strives for a cinematic look and approach, with a raw edge and integrity.

Marlon van der Pas, an Amsterdam based artist, digital designer and music producer is the genius behind the design and music of the documentary. A very versatile and curious human being, he is a graduate from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and his work is strongly tied to using human behavior and creating interaction methods.

Keep Hope is a short film that investigates the story behind an appearance. We are deeply humbled by the strength of Tamarah, who was willing to speak openly about her past and showing us her skin. Both entwined to tell the same story. Tamarah is a woman that grew up in the heart of the Bible Belt in Holland, but found other ways to define herself than solely by christianity. It made her into a strong and creative woman, that is now inspiring others through music, art and her work with people in need.

Growing up with religion in a strong religious environment, her (sexual) identity and the quest of finding a place in this world close to herself is the driving subject on the film. The filmmakers and Tamarah hope it will be an inspiration for hope and perseverance for others. It is so incredibly powerful and strengthens us when we dare to share the ways we heal ourselves.

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Producer:  www.vimeo.com/thepreacher
Music:  www.nothingblank.com

Check out more of Lidewij Hartog and their work here:  INSTAGRAM / VIMEO