Starring 'Keemy Casanova'

Akeem Ali is a vibrant lyricist from Jackson, Mississippi whose cunning lyrics and theatrical appeal continue to captivate fans and entertainers alike. Through his ‘pimp’ inspired alter ego, Keemy Casanova, Akeem has created a viral buzz, bringing 70’s culture back to modern day hip-hop. After the online success of “Keemy Casanova” single, Akeem continued to share the story of the ‘Mack’ with follow up stand-out records – “Shugga” and “The Mack”. Today, Akeem releases Keemy Casanova’s debut project “Akeem Ali Presents: Mack in the Day – Starring Keemy Casanova” to take listeners on a groovy ride through life as the ladies’ man.

This 6-song EP shares the story of Keemy Casanova, a known and well-respected ‘mack’ who is quick to slap you down or love on your lady friend at the drop of the hat. With a feature from fellow Mississippi act, Fleetwood Fred, you are sure to feel like you’re on the way to the nearest disco after riding to these vibes. In the short film, directed by Maya Tableand Sam Frank Productions you will find Akeem Ali mastering the ability to emulate a true 70’s pimp, while still showcasing the skill to relate the old school era to modern day rap culture. His keen way of crafting lyrics and riddles leaves room to believe he is one of the best upcoming lyricists in the game.


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