Today, Midsummer released their Nothing Feels Right Anymore EP digitally via Spotify, Apple Music, ITunes, Amazon, Pandora, etc. All the songs were written and recorded by Korgan Steinke and mixed and mastered by Aaron Isaacson at Sound in Silence Recordings.

Additionally, the band premiered their video for “Too Long” via Chancellor Creative, the graphic design house/clothing company helmed by Brad Chancellor of Anakin (No Sleep Records) fame and his wife Kelly. Watch it here.

Midsummer are an alternative rock band comprised of vocalist/guitarist Korgan Steinke, bassist Will Maze, and drummer Jacob Ruffin. From the heart of the Midwest, the band formed on a cold winter’s day in early 2019 and wasted no time before they began playing shows throughout southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. They quickly built a reputation as ones to watch earning well-deserved comparisons to Hum, Citizen, Title Fight, Balance and Composure and the like.

Determined to keep their momentum throughout 2020, the members amped up their social media presence and began quietly working on new music.

“This EP is was written during a pretty dark time for me as I was dealing with a lot of things both physically and mentally,” Steinke says. “I think a lot of the tracks are framed as being about a relationship, which they partially are, but there’s also another level that deals with grief and loss. Not necessarily of a person but of ourselves. When we lose the things that make up this identity we have created in our heads, what’s left? “Nothing feels right anymore” is a phrase I wrote down one night last summer and I think it perfectly sums up not only this EP, but also the general feeling that many of us are currently having.”

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