In this short film, it’s a romantic evening to be eaten alive as Marceline embarks on her date with Harold, a cannibal. As they spend their night together, Marceline tries to navigate “first date chat” and the reality of what’s about to go down. The closer reality hits, the more Marceline grapples with her lifelong struggles of vulnerability, calling into question what she wants more than ever.

This story takes a few twists and turns, but at the core of it, I wanted to deal with themes of love and inward growth. However cannibalistic that growth may get.

Giovanni Tortorici – Homegrown in Atlanta, 22-year-old Giovanni Tortorici grew up surrounded by actors and stages with connections to the local arts world. He’s witnessed firsthand the impact arts have on solidifying community. While he directs, writes, and AD’s, you can find him giving script feedback and anything else that uplifts growing filmmakers. He and his collaborative crew of filmmakers make movies with an emphasis on building up that same bond of community he’s always admired. Some call the group a FUNduction company, but Giovanni and the team settled on the name Potluck. Since 2018, Potluck has launched an online film festival, Potluckfest with proceeds supporting the Atlanta Artist Relief Fund. In 2021, the group’s short, “Eat Your Heart Out,” was an official selection of the Atlanta Film Festival. When not in Potluck, Giovanni is at work on a documentary project about toxic masculinity and developing a pilot with his writing partner.

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