Starring Model 'Paris Smith' in 'De Las Flores' Fashion

Photographer Rosco Reckless of Makani and model Paris Smith dazzle in this new editorial featuring fashion brand De Las Flores shot in Ibiza as part of our Makani Takeover this week! Today’s exclusive NAKID feature editorial titled, ‘Reckless’ was shot by Rosco is one of the founding members of UK based creator subscription platform, MAKANI.

He and other founding member, Brian Venth, headed out to sunny Ibiza for a week of debauchery, creative exploration and good ole’ fun! This is one of the exclusive sets they sent us as an on-going series of features that we will be rolling out over the next week! So sit back and live vicariously through these two creative genius’ week abroad and the beautiful women of  Ibiza!

If you love this visual story then show them some love, this is just a glimpse of the amazing stuff they have created – head over to their Instagram below to check out more from this awesome artist and support their creativity and your daily inspiration by following them!

Check out more of Rosco Reckless and their work here:  INSTAGRAM / WEBSITE / DE LAS FLORES

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