Starring Models 'Vivian' & 'Kaylah'

Photographer Dominoe Farris and models Vivian & Kaylah teamed up for today’s exclusive NAKID feature editorial titled, ‘Light It Up‘.

Based in Los Angeles, Farris, who recently traveled to Chiapas, Mexico to visit her friend Vivian on a horse ranch, was struck with inspiration on this newest visual story. She originally planned to stay there for a few weeks and ended up staying for 6 months! Upon arrival at the ranch, she decided that she needed to photograph her friend by candlelight. They drove a few hours to the main town and hit up the candle section of the mercado (which was filled with every color of tapered candle one could dream of). Back at the ranch, they chose to shoot at the abandoned neighbor’s 200 year old hacienda (which was completely falling apart). The images are what ensued.

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