Photographer Damarys Alvarez and models Gabrielle Baldwin, Christina Stitchell, Bunny & Jessica Ding styling, teamed up for today’s exclusive NAKID feature editorial titled, ‘Don’t Chain Me Baby‘.

As a photographer who is heavily inspired by classic kink images of the famous collaboration of Irving Klaw and Bettie Page, Damarys felt best to reach out to the talented harness wear designer Jessica Ding. They agreed to do several looks for the three models on set. Next, Damarys reached out to and gained access to Show Palace, a nightclub located in Long Island City. The story is all about dark kink fluidity of female expression and celebrating empowerment while wearing the leather designs. Damarys decided to play with a twist of fun by chaining model Gabrielle to the dancing pole, leaving her tied to centerstage. This references back to Irving Klaw’s bondage images of the early Bettie, however he shows a display of a blonde damsel in distress at the same time playing as the dancer who is chained to the pole. A servant to the dance floor, how would she be able to dance out of this kinky play?!

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