After releasing his debut LP Secret Level in February of 2020, No Mana returns to his long-time home at mau5trap with “Can’t Say No” ft. dance music luminary Tommy Trash. “Can’t Say No” is available on all platforms now via the deadmau5-run label.

No Mana is bringing back the golden-era of electro house, and to kick off this new saga of unadulterated musical nostalgia is none other than No Mana and Tommy Trash themselves. Joining forces for their new 4-minute “Can’t Say No,” the pair create a mellifluous time machine prepared to transport listeners back in time to the era of Hype Machine reviews and MySpace top 8’s. A sonic display of technical production prowess, the ferocious cut opens with lurid synths as Tommy Trash’s own vocals melt into it’s over-the-top buildup. Frenetic old school synths and digital distortion best characterize this unparagoned production that seemingly stepped straight out of blog haus’ hay-day and into 2021. No Mana and Tommy Trash’s “Can’t Say No” marks the new era of electro house’s triumphant return.

“Hold onto your hype machine reviews and pause your favorite MySpace emo band and look no further cuz this is your new source of new music promo!!!!111!1 Myself and Tommy Trash decided to collaborate and kick off this headache (excuse the vaccine) of a compilation album with our track “Can’t Say No.” This 4-minute baby right here features 3oz of music, a tub of drums, microwaved synthesis, and spicy vocals from, nope, you didn’t guess it, Tommy’s own vocals. The nostalgic ingredients of this track are the perfect recipe for a certified 2008-recession banger. If you need a track to match the pain of your house rapidly depreciating in value, then this is the track for you and your neighbors.”No Mana

No Mana, nom de guerre of California-based DJ/Producer Jordan Orcaz has something to admit. The years he has spent slaving away working on slide after slide of pixel art chicken nuggets, selling out thousands of the smallest capacity rooms he could find across the country, releasing half-baked originals and twice-baked collabs….  none of that has been for the fans. Not to make his family proud. No. It’s all been for one thing.

To create a world. A place just for him and his friends. Where broke college kids exchange wordpress blog posts for backstage passes, where the French and Italians throw the best parties, where the only cameras in the club are disposable ones. A world where Electro House is great again.

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