Music artist Kat Cunning continues to forge a path that sets them apart from the rest. As part of our LGBTQ+ features this month we wanted to highlight and spotlight this growing artist and the voice they have not only nurtured in her music, but in acting, live performances and in the community she calls home. Recently we had the honor of checking them out at the legendary Miami burlesque theater FAENA in South Beach for the ongoing show ‘Tryst’ that anyone visiting Miami should check out; hands down one of the best shows we’ve ever seen. Originally from Oregon, Kat started dancing at an early age, and they always felt an emotional connection to living and breathing artistry, the true essence of live performance. Her passion has driven her into the world spotlight having amassed theatrical credits such as playing principal roles in HBO’s “The Deuce,” Netflix’s “Trinkets,” a Broadway production, Cirque du Soleil and more. This is just the beginning though as she comes into a new transition of her work now that the pandemic is over. Kat’s music is a constant innovation of her sound and inspiration. With an authentic, alternative pop sound, not only have they written for the soundtracks of popular tv shows, but they have built an impressive, original musical career of their own. Having released sundry singles, Kat now shares their latest single with the world, “Boys” following the release earlier this year of ‘Confident’.

At her performance in FAENA, Kat’s presence illuminated the room with their witty comedic one liners, detailed coordination in matching their music and host monologues as well as knowing the room like a true pro in bringing the audience into the show. This vixen is half siren as well, with a voice that resonates and songs that touch on personal and world issues as well as love and loss. Their newest video drop ‘BOYS’ touches on the beauty of trans men and highlighting there truly are no differences among us, only those we create and should do away with. They use their talent to drive change and light to darkness. Kat’s power is in their versatility as an artist and that force is one to recon with.

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