Starring Model 'Nonita Bains'

Photographer Noah Klein and model Nonita Bains teamed up for this new visual editorial exclusive for NAKID! Nudity is so much more than skin, its an act of freedom. Being a friend and confidant to the model for a very long time, the artist suggests baring it out all as another way to see each other, of being in proximity of kindness and love – one that supersedes expectations and ideas of friendship. Getting naked with friends should be easier than with lovers – there’s no expectations attached, and friends can be better than lovers in reminding the wholesome of your beings. Noah is a visual artist based in New Delhi, India and loves to travel and chase light all over the world.

The world is extremely messy as it is unless we pick up stones and sticks and make sense of the ugly, turn things into beauty, or just let nature do its magic on our being.

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