Keegan Chambers is bringing sexy and disco back with her sultry new single “What I Wouldn’t Do”, featuring modern nu-disco production and soulful vocals reminiscent of the 70’s. Not even two months after her EP release and Chambers is at it again with a funky disco track that’ll have you wrapped around her finger. The EP “Out of My Head” featured four pop-rock tracks – two of which gave us an inside look at how she’s been affected by sexual harassment throughout her life. It’s no surprise that her follow up single centers around themes of consent. “When I hear the word consent, a sense of formality mixed with timidness takes over. Naysayers will even go so far as to say the concept of consent and the aftermath of the me too movement has done away with the spontaneity of romance all together. But I’m here to say that’s simply not the case. In fact, I’d go so far as to say the opposite. Enthusiastic consent makes everything more enjoyable for everybody as far as I’m concerned, and I wanted to write a song that proved it – an anthem, if you will.” says Chambers.

She and producer, Daniel Tsourounis, enlisted the help of friends and collaborators (Spencer LeVon, Asher Lenz, Aryss and Royal) to take this track to the next level. The catchy vocal melodies and memorable chorus will have you instantly hooked. The classic string lines, funky guitar rhythms, infectious slap-bass, and pumping drums are all mixed and mastered with modern production techniques resulting in a catchy, funky, energetic banger. Keegan used this song to apply for Factor Canada’s Artist Development grant – which she was awarded in 2020 – but they decided to wait on the release so that they could produce a big-budget music video worthy of the track.

Between the balloons, streamers, roller skates and custom built disco lip couch (designed and constructed by Chambers), the video is bursting with roller disco prom vibes – the perfect backdrop for a song that aims to inform on just how sexy consent can be. They shot the video at Pursuit OCR in Toronto; an indoor fitness centre for adults (how very appropriate). The LED lights, fire pole, and trike track were transformed into stages where Keegan and her roller girls, Stuntaz & Michka Moon, could strut their stuff.

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