Photographer Lance Skundrich recently set out for the night to shoot a live visual story with Atmosphere for his performance in LA at the Shrine and we got the exclusive in today’s NAKID feature story titled, ‘Atmosphere‘.

As I enter The Shrine and make my way through to the outdoor stage they are currently using due to Covid restrictions, I can feel the excitement in the “Atmosphere”.   Everyone is so happy to be at a concert and I can attest to that as well seeing as it is my first show since the start of the pandemic.

Z-Trip is opening and is doing a great job, per usual, at getting the crowd engaged and hyped up!  Then Atmosphere steps on stage and the crowd erupts!  As he gets into his set he plays the sun Sunshine, which from my experience he usually holds till the end of his sets, and the roar of the crowd singing along  seems to feel like a literal ray of sunshine!

That was one of the best Atmosphere shows I have ever been to, and watching Cypress Hill after him for their 30th anniversary of their debut album, was nothing short of incredible!  Even though I was there to see Atmosphere, I for damn sure drunkenly sang along to every word of Doctor Green Thumb!

-Lance Skundrich

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