The ethereal short film, Flare, invites the viewer into a world in which female bodies have a voice. By letting the body speak, we embrace its beauty, vulnerability, diversity and powerful sensuality. Produced by an all women-identifying team with the mission of supporting women in falling in love with their physical selves, we want women to embrace the beautiful imperfections and enchantments of their own ‘normal’ bodies.

The visuals are accompanied by the voice of the female body speaking in the first person, a voice representing the thoughts and emotions of fifty women from around the world and of various races, ages and body types interviewed by our team. We asked our interviewees the simple question; “if your body could talk, what would it say?” The voice of the female body was born from their answers. We wove together their thoughts, struggles and stories to curate a captivating yet authentic voice.

This powerful, collaborative project comprises the expertise and insights of a passionate team devoted to celebrating the female body’s diversity, power, beauty, vulnerability, and range of experience.

Borbala Szelei is a director who started by exploring human narratives through her documentary work, but has now broken into the fiction space. As she moves deeper into her exploration of fictional stories, she remains curious about real human-focused storylines that center on characters who explore the beauty in what society has discarded. Her films illustrate a natural rhythm between the characters within the frame which she often contrasts with raw locations, and are an exploration into what drives people, showing her grasp of human psychology as she explores deep layered narratives through thought-provoking metaphors.

Director’s statement:

“Our goal is to break the taboos that constrict the exposure of art created around female bodies at its core. We fervently believe such taboos limit our attempts at self-expression and self-celebration. In our short film, we show the body in its entirety as an act of resistance against this societal, collective shame we regularly face. Owing to our no-holds-barred approach in doing so, we have come up against social media censorship. Such censorship represents the modern face of the very taboo we wish to break and curtails the power of our message.”

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