Music artist Roxanna Walitzki is out with her new single ‘Amor Fati‘ for today’s exclusive NAKID – New Music Friday feature!

In experimental arrangements and art-video, Roxanna Walitzki explores the transitory nature of being, questions what remains when we cease to exist, and reinvents the past by breathing imaginative new life into a haunting selection of sacred Baroque arias. Marking the beginning of an innovative new period in which the steady rhythms of continuo-arias are augmented through downtempo beats, Roxanna seamlessly blends classical vocal music with a unique brand of audio production, movement, and styling.

Sometimes, soaring heights can only reached from the deepest depths. It is the darkness that arranged, recorded, and produced during the pandemic, while the artist’s father was passing and grief swept the nation and world, Roxanna’s interpretations evoke not only an acceptance of fate, but an embrace thereof, excluding nothing from the experience of life.

Trained as an operatic mezzo-soprano, Roxanna integrates elements from electronic and ambient music into her arrangements of art-songs, producing a delicate world of sound that matches her uniquely ethereal aesthetic. Roxanna’s work keeps classical music alive and current.

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