The best things in life are “Bad for You.” At least according to Augusta Gail, the singer and visual creator of brand new music project Hissyfit . Gail was previously the front woman of freaky fun, electro-pop band Hotel Sex, and is also known for her unique and unapologetic internet presence. “Bad for You” is Hissyfit’s debut single – co-written, produced and mixed by Joel Hellman.

The debut track is equal parts playful and poignant, a song about being the kind of girl who ruins every relationship she touches. It’s hard to tell whether Gail feels bad about her bad reputation, or if it’s a point of pride – maybe both. “I wrote this song in response to the things people have said about me in the past,” Gail says, “things I’ve said about myself too – that I’m crazy…that I’m the problem… “Bad for You” is me exploring whether those things are actually true. There’s definitely some satisfaction in admitting I’m messed up, but there’s also a lot of pain in trying to unravel how much of that is a narrative others have written for me vs who I really am.”

The lyrics, delivered in Gail’s sugar coated but devilish voice, definitely ride the line between introspective and indulgent, resulting in a song that delivers a strangely satisfying relatability. And speaking of satisfying, there’s the music video (directed by Danin Jacquay) – a pastel grunge wet dream, overflowing with kawaii demonic imagery, horrific bunnies, girls with chainsaws, and half naked puppy boys. “It’s basically what goes on inside of my head,” says Gail, “the merging of fantasy and nightmare, an overload of cute but creepy imagery, and, uh, lots of weird sex stuff.”

Stay tuned for more music and live shows…and get ready to throw a Hissyfit!

(All photos are by Vico Velez – Hair/MUA by Autumn Brooke – Wardrobe by Orchid Satellite)

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