Mixed media artist and illustrator/painter Michael Alan Alien is today’s artist to watch! A deeply creative person, his work takes you in an artistic zone of your mind where you can find inspiration and madness coming together in a delicate dance that leaves you wanting to dive further. His attention to deal and ability to do it on a grand scale is impressive. If you didn’t know any better you would think the methodology was completely random, but rather it is a maticulous strategy to develop a pattern, portrait and scene using multiple mediums that all come together in fine detail and grand composition.

Michael says, “ [it] comes from a silly happy place that is the same place as a child where I found true happiness. That is the same place where we let go of all structures and worries, that makes us feel in the moment and present, not caring about nonsense and passwords and super codes. This is why I paint and draw, bug out and have fun. It’s called living in the now, not living for an investment or living to please someone or living to even try to please myself. It’s pure creativity.”

Spoken perfectly, and why he is our artist to watch today!

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