Born and raised in the city of Nice, Pierre-Marie Maulini (known was Kasztan) showed an early interest and talent in music. Indulging in his growing passion, the self-taught guitarist joined his older brother to launch a post-rock band during their teens, titled A Red Season Shade. Releasing two successful albums, the pair’s musical output caught enough attention to allow Pierre-Marie to become friends with french musician Anthony Gonzalez, better known as M83. Subsequently, Pierre-Marie spent the next two years with M83 traveling the world for the “Saturdays = Youth” tour, gaining invaluable experience as well as an urge to explore sound design through his own perspective. While on the road, the burgeoning artist was introduced to the world of synths, keyboards and all manner of tech gear; another language within music with which hewould soon fall in love.

In 2012, Pierre launched his solo project STAL, releasing just one EP before he signed to Arista / Sony for his debut album ‘Young Hearts’. Focal tracks on the LP included ‘Gone’ and ‘Burning Desire’; both of which served as stand-alone single releases. Exploring a new dimension of scope with his artistry, Pierre-Marie began to develop his repertoire as a musician through the theoretics of composition. Writing bespoke music for commercials, he signed the soundtrack for a documentary, before going on to win an award for his work on an animated short film.

Continuing to produce music under his STAL moniker, Pierre worked on a handful of high-profile remixes for modern pop icons Sia, Tinashe, and Years and Years. Clocking studio time with fast-rising London singer V V Brown, the two collaborated on a selection of tracks, four of which enjoyed inclusion on her second album. In 2016, seeking a change of lifestyle and scenery, Pierre moved to Los Angeles, where his music caught the attention of producer Eric Palmquist (Bad Suns, Mutemath, Night Riots). Through a collaboration with Eric Palmquist, they gave birth to a new EP titled ‘Fresh Blood’ in 2018.

Now back in France with his family and back to bedroom production during lockdowns, the musician finds great joy in producing more techno oriented songs while staying true to his post-rock roots. Unveiling his new Kasztan profile, the composer nods to the Polish branch of his family, connecting his previous sound palettes with an air of cinematic charm to present his new sonic vista. With his debut EP due september 2021, Pierre explores the uncomfortable and ambivalent feeling city dwellers usually experience when finding themselves alone in nature at night. It’s exhilarating and reassuring at the same time and you’re never far away from an unexpected surge of irrational emotions.

In addition to the remixes, Kasztan will also be releasing a music video for ‘Through the Skies‘ set to be released next Thursday, March 3rd.

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