Kyrenia, Cyprus based Illustration artist Batu Gündal created this new series for today’s exclusive NAKID feature editorial titled, ‘Nude, NFT Experimentation‘.

Batu Gündal, a Cypriot painter born in the UK, raised in Cyprus and studied painting in Turkey. An Expressionist painter at heart, has been using an extensive variety of different artistic mediums for the past 15+ years, both in his personal and professional work. From traditional paintings, murals & graffiti to graphic design, photomanipulation, digital illustration, and animation he has constantly developed his skills and continues to pursue his passion for art in many fields.

His approach to art and creativity has always been based around the human body and psyche. Generally using the female figure and nudes he aims to juxtapose pure and traditional with raw and modern styles and concepts. His most recent attempt to merge traditional art with digital art adopts an experimental approach in order to discover the potential future of art and its implications for us, especially in the form of NFTs.

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