After many years collaborating behind the scenes, Jim Roach and Dan Avidan have joined forces to form the epic rock band Shadow Academy. They are thrilled to announce their self titled album that will be released on April 22nd. Along with the album announcement they have released their new single “Invisible” that is out now.

Jim says, “This album is a labor of love and was made to be listened to all the way through on headphones; or throw it on your record player and go on the fifty minute ride. Let it play a little movie in your head. My ultimate hope is that this is how people will receive it. It requires a little time and attention but it’s well worth it, I think.”

Dan says, “’Invisible’ is a song about being hunted. Whether it’s from a sniper in a war setting, or simply being anonymously harassed, there is an animal response in us that gets activated when we know there is someone or something after us. We each have to stand and fight against the desire to disappear in the face of adversity. Summoning our inner strength is the best way to protect ourselves from our enemies, especially when the greatest enemy is our own paranoia.”

The released their debut single “White Whale” that has 165k views on YouTube with over 27k subscribers, 350k streams on Spotify, and the band has 32.5k engaged fans on IG.

Dan and Jim both have established careers in the music industry. Dan is the lead singer of the Billboard chart-topping band Ninja Sex Party and co-host of the YouTube channel Game Grumps, which has amassed over 5.3 million subscribers. Jim is an Emmy Award winning record producer and songwriter who is now venturing out from behind the scenes.

Their joint passion for older alternative music as well as their affinity for the great rock bands of the 1970s is clearly heard in their sound. Shadow Academy reminds the listener of the likes of Rush, Smashing Pumpkins, My Bloody Valentine, M83, Alice In Chains, Queens Of The Stone Age, Placebo, MUSE, and many more.

“Invisible” is out everywhere at https://smarturl.it/InvisibleSA

Pre-Order Shadow Academy’s self-titled debut album at https://streamlink.to/ShadowAcademyAlbum

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